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Caixas isotérmicas: Soluções Económicas de Uso Único

E-Kool Express, Basic & Premium Isothermal Boxes are economical solutions for single use shipments of all types of thermo-sensitive products.

They are tested both in the laboratory and in performance operations under real conditions. They are prepared and qualified for extreme thermal profiles in both winter and summer.

The useful volume of these solutions varies between 4 and 38 liters.

These solutions are qualified up to 72 hours through laboratory tests (LAECT) and operational performance tests in real conditions (field tests).

The useful volume of e-Kool solutions varies between 4 and 38 liters

They have qualified configurations for external winter and summer thermal profiles.

APP, through LAECT, is able to develop and test different configurations for other thermal profiles. E-Kool boxes are prepared for different temperature ranges, (-20ºC Frozen; 2ºC-8ºC or 15-25ºC).

Possibility of using accumulators.

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